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Metallic Structures


PCS found an opportunity to develop a department specializing in ironworks, thus ensuring the maintenance of the standards by which the company settled in the autochthonous market. In 2009, we completed, equipped and brought into service the ironworks factory having a surface area of 2700 square meters, which was equipped with completely automatic and high productivity running bridges and last generation equipment. The investment ascended to Euro 2,5 million. We can produce more than 600 to/month/shift, for each type of work.

We currently execute medium-weight and heavy ironworks, metal structures for civil and industrial constructions, as well as the constitutive elements thereof. We perform the design, execution and assembly at high standards corresponding to the needs and requests of our customers, and we have our own fleet of cranes with lift capacities ranging between 12 tons and 30 tons. The ironwork solutions offered by PCS combine the design and the guarantee of quality and durability, due to the high degree of finishing in the sand-blasting and painting field.

The equipment offered by the ironworks department is as follows:
» Painting room;
» Profile and sheet-metal sandblasting machine;
» Sheet-metal rolling machine;
» Plasma and oxigas sheet-metal cutting and drilling machine;
» Metal profile cutting and drilling machine;
» CO2 welding machines;
» Profile straightening machine

Sheet-metal cutting and drilling machine

Metal profile cutting and drilling machine

Plasma and oxigas sheet-metal cutting

Profile and sheet-metal sandblasting machine