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Earthworks / Demolitions / Drillings

Excavations and exterior improvements

In the field of excavations and exterior improvements, our company operates according to the highest quality and complexity standards.

Bank excavations1. Bank excavations: our portfolio speaks for itself by the works we performed in time, whose volume ranges from 5.000 cubic meters to 600.000 cubic meters. The proof of this lies in the residential complexes Belvedere Residence, Pipera City, Primavara Lujerului or Green Residence.

Supported excavations2. Supported excavations: Since 2004, PCS developed a department specializing in the field of excavation, which made our company the leader in the fields of metal support fitting and excavation. For the metal support fitting activity related to special excavations, we presently have over 600 tons of props with diameters ranging between 250 and 800 mm to support the earth banks and packing laths of various sizes, as well as 40 welders organized in mobile units, who perform their work according to the highest standards. We executed works in which we fitted between 30 tons and 250 tons of support structures of all kinds, as well as:
» horizontal supports for foundations with up to 4 basements;
» oblique supports installed in the foundation mat;
» horizontal supports fitted in the slabs;
» oblique grouted soil anchors;
» lattice girder supports

TOP-DOWN excavations3. TOP-DOWN excavations - We build foundations for multiple-level underground constructions by using top-down excavation. Thus, the works include the construction of the cutoff wall, the piles, the foundations and the structures of the underground levels. Between 2008 and 2011, PCS excavated over 140.000 cubic meters by using TOP-DOWN excavation, being one of the few autochthonous companies that are capable of executing such works.



We developed a department specializing in demolition, which undertakes more and more complex works and invests very much in last generation technology, in order to ensure the quality of our works.

We are presently engaged in projects throughout the entire country and we are one of the strong companies in the Romanian market.

We have the top-class equipment in this field, our department being equipped with all the machines and accessories needed to perform all types of demolitions: KRUPP-ATLAS COPCO demolition scissors, INDECO demolition picks mounted on KOMATSU PC 240-350 and LIEBHERR R 944 high capacity excavators, as well as on backhoe loaders, pile head breaker with diameters ranging between 400 and 2000 mm, etc.

Thus, upon request of our customers and partners, we execute / contract:
» Demolition at great heights (up to 30 m) by means of special machines;
» Special pile head demolition works by means of special equipment (Mantovannibene);
» Special demolition works by means of diamond wire saws, in the areas in which vibrations are not allowed.

Piles and anchorages

Piles and anchorages

Our department specializing in pile and anchorage execution is equipped with 5 drilling installations, out of which 3 new Cammacchio MC 1500-3000 CFA drilling rigs and 2 anchorage installations, as well as 1 water well drilling equipment. We have a specialized team formed of 40 employees and 6 engineers specialized in this field, which is expressly dedicated to this activity.

We execute upon request support pile and foundation pile drillings with diameters ranging between 300 and 900 mm / and at depths ranging between 4 m and 22 m, and water wells at depths of up to 250 m.